Haitian Childrens Fund

During the summer of 1980, Lynn Garrison, an ex-RCAF fighter pilot, led a Hollywood production team to Haiti in an effort to capture Haiti’s charm for a TV special. He was accompanied by an Academy Award-winning crew and Burt Lancaster, who was scheduled to host the program. This led to a 32 year involvement with Haiti that saw him coordinate salvage operations, for historic sunken Spanish treasure galleons, including the pirate Captain Morgan’s Oxford. He also served as an adviser to the Government of Haiti, and is now coordinating the creation of a Satellite School System and distribution of One World Futbol’s donated soccer balls throughout the 10 departments.

Lynn Garrison created the Haitian Children’s Fund to help the children of his new found focus.

The Haitian Children’s Fund was created in 1983 as a tax exempt 501(c)3 federally recognized charity, and has been involved with numerous projects, over the years. During the 2004 Gonaives hurricane disaster the HCF coordinated container donations, for the Latortue government. Following the January 12, 2010 earthquake, which took over 380,000 lives, the Fund was instantly involved with a variety of efforts aimed at helping the Nation.

It is now coordinating the creation of the Satellite School System, a project that will transmit lessons, from a Petion-Ville based uplink system, to all corners of Haiti. In Fact, you can toss a dart at the map of Haiti and we can locate a receiver unit there. At the moment, fewer than 50% of Haitian children attend school.

With the Satellite School System all children will have the benefit of lessons delivered by the Nation’s best teachers.

The Haitian Children’s Fund is also involved with many aspects of Haitian life such as HARP – The Haitian Aerial Reforestation Project, artists supplies for artists, feeding programs, distribution of medial supplies and sports equipment.

Haiti needs your help.

The Haitian children need your help.

Carolle Tranchant
Haitian Children’s Fund